Our story

SnapEditor was born out of frustration.

There we said it.

We tried over 30 editors and in some way, each of them felt wrong. They behaved in unpredictable ways, they generated bad HTML or they weren't truly WYSIWYG and most of them solved none of these problems.

Here's what we know:

  • Clients spend more time in the editor than in any other component of a web app so the editor is a large and important part of a client’s overall experience.
  • Because of this, developers can gain an important competitive advantage if their editor delivers a superior editing experience.

We are willing to bet developers will pay a fair price for that.

After testing all the editors, none of them solve all three pain points: A true WYSIWYG mode, predictable behavior and clean HTML.

So we decided to take our 13 combined years of WYSIWYG editor development experience -- between 2 developers -- and made a new editor from scratch that fixes the problems of past WYSIWYG editors.

We hope you will love our editor and tell us what we can do to make sure it is the perfect editor for you.

Wishing you all the best,


Sunny Hirai, President