About Us


Sunny Hirai


Sunny Hirai is the president of SnapEditor and the CEO of MeZine Inc. a web company he founded in 1999. MeZine is the developer for Orbs.com, CityMax.com and DesignHamster.com. Prior to founding MeZine, Sunny was a co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer for Suite101.com. In addition to acting as president, Sunny is also an experienced developer, usability expert and graphic designer. He wrote the initial code for SnapEditor and collaborates with Wesley on the current development of the software.

Sunny also contributes to the development community by organizing and hosting the Vancouver Ruby on Rails Meetup group and outside of the tech world, Sunny is a father, audio/videophile, automobile enthusiast and a ballroom dancer.

Wesley Wong

Lead Developer

Wesley Wong is the lead developer for SnapEditor and has many years of experience working with WYSIWYG editors. He has previously worked on the editor for Orbs and DesignHamster and has developed web applications with different languages and tools like Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, jQuery, and MooTools. Wesley is an honours graduate of the Computer Science program at Simon Fraser University.

Outside of development, Wesley plays ultimate frisbee, enjoys mountain biking/cycling and is a foodie.

Supporting Contractors

Darrell Lim

Project Management Assistance

Amy Leung

Graphic Designer

Vanessa Weller

Matthew Green

Quality Assurance Testing

Emily Hirai