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Could tablets in the classroom improve math scores?

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When you were growing up, I'm betting you didn't even have a computer in the classroom. If you did, you were in a cutting edge school. These days, there's talk about introducing tablets to the classroom.

What does this mean for kids? What does it mean for learning? Aren't tablets just used for games like Angry Birds? Yes, tablets can be used for games, including educational games.

Imagine no longer having to sit through long stretches of the teacher teaching. Kids can now interactively learn through the tablet with the teacher becoming a guide instead. Learn by doing, not by watching.

Is this really better? A recently published article asks this exact question and it comes to the conclusion that we don't have enough data yet to come to any real solid conclusion.

The article suggests that we send scientists in droves to the classrooms in order to observe behaviour and monitor the kids in their natural environment. We should have enough data in about one hundred years to determine whether we should continue the study.



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